Nutrafol – Hair wellness from within.

We’re excited to welcome Nutrafol to our product line-up. Powered by a 100% drug-free formula, Nutrafol promotes fuller, thicker, healthier hair with better texture. 73% saw noticeable hair growth, 80% saw increased hair thickness and volume, and 80% saw improved hair growth from a clinical trial on the Women’s formula.

Nutrafol® is a daily dietary supplement that combines botanicals, vitamins, and antioxidant ingredients to help you grow fuller, thicker, healthier hair at home. It’s suitable for all hair types and ethnicities, and you’ll see results in just three months. Ask your Facial Innovations specialist if this would be a good option for you!

We have partnered with Nutrafol® to ship your hair growth supplements directly to your home, with the option to subscribe for exclusive pricing and automatic deliveries.

Nutrafol Women

Nutrafol  Women’s Balance

Nutrafol Men

Frequently Asked Questions

What should your clients expect?

Let’s start with the basics: everyone’s hair health is different. But with commitment, your clients can measure their success with signifiers like better texture, shine, less shedding, increased growth rate, plus thicker, healthier hair.

When should changes become noticeable?

Growth is a process, not an event. Commitment is key to success. By taking Nutrafol daily for 6 months, here’s a snapshot of what users are likely to experience:

  • Month 1-3: Set the stage for growth. The botanicals and supportive nutrients are working to balance the bodily system and target the factors affecting hair health.
  • Month 3-6: Start seeing healthy hair growth.
  • Month 7+: Stay committed. Stay growing.

Is Nutrafol safe for everyone?

The short answer? Yes. We suggest Nutrafol for everyone looking to improve their hair health naturally. However, we do not suggest Nutrafol for anyone who is pregnant, nursing, or looking to conceive. Additionally, we always suggest reviewing any medications with a primary-care physician before taking Nutrafol.

Before and After Photos


“I had worried for years about my hair because constant styling for work was taking its toll. Nutrafol has been an incredible gift because my hair is stronger and healthier than ever!”


“Nutrafol gets that younger men deal with this issue. I definitely felt my hair get thicker and stronger overall and am still seeing improvements everyday.”