PRP Treatments

As we age, our skin doesn’t renew itself as naturally as it once did. If you’re experiencing a loss of firmness, an increase in lines and wrinkles, or a lack of radiance in your complexion, the rejuvenating quality of platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy may help. Another plus: It can also promote hair growth.

Treatment Areas

  • Face
  • Eye area
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • The hairline and scalp

The Procedure

The process of rejuvenation starts with a blood sample from which your platelets are separated and concentrated. The platelets are then reinjected into your body, where they act to rebuild hair and tissue and restore their youthful appearance.

For Hair

PRP treatments focused on hair loss are delivered at the follicular level, which improves the overall health of the scalp. An initial injection is given to see if the follicles respond to PRP. If your hair follicle count increases over a period of 8-12 weeks, our specialist will provide three additional treatments.

For Skin

For skin rejuvenation, PRP is delivered through a procedure called microneedling. Microneedling devices make microscopically small punctures in the skin into which your platelets are deposited. A typical regimen is four treatments spaced 6-12 weeks apart.


For Hair

Clients undergoing hair restoration treatment may feel some pressure or swelling for a few hours after the procedure, but can wash their hair within four hours. The use of topical hair growth products such as minoxidil can be resumed the next day. We also recommend and offer special products that enhance the outcomes of PRP; ask your specialist for details.

No harsh chemical or coloring treatments should be performed for at least two weeks before and after.

For Skin

For skin rejuvenation using microneedling, you can expect to experience red, dry skin for a day or two. See our MICRONEEDLING page for more details.


For Hair

Visible improvement can be seen after 4-6 months. The average hereditary hair loss client can expect to need a PRP treatment once every 6-12 months to maintain results.

For Skin

Keeping your face and hands clean after treatment can significantly impact your results. See our MICRONEEDLING page for specifics.


Clients with certain blood disorders, on certain medications or steroids, and smokers are not good candidates for PRP.

We Also Offer Nutrafol

Nutrafol® is a daily dietary supplement that combines botanicals, vitamins, and antioxidant ingredients to help you grow fuller, thicker, healthier hair at home. It’s suitable for all hair types and ethnicities, and you’ll see results in just three months. Ask your Facial Innovations specialist if this would be a good option for you!